How To Use the Search Feature and Tests Layout

The search feature has been designed for you to learn how to use the 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014 National Electrical Code Book (NEC). This search is specifically dedicated to navigate through the NEC book only! Typing in your job related electrical questions will search our personalized created online electrical test questions for the closest match. The displayed keywords and Reference numbers are according to chapters of the National Electrical Code Book and only include the information that you would see if taking our online Electrical Exams but not our exact answers.

Look at the keyword after each possible Question to locate which chapter and article that the answer to your question might be located. You cannot see the exact answers that the questions reference to unless taking our online tests or purchasing our Electrical and Fire Alarm Exam Questions classroom workbook  For excellent training we suggest taking all the tests possible to excel in your studies.

While taking your online electrical exam use your National Electrical Code Books index to find the keyword(s) used in order to determine the appropriate article number. If you still are unable to find the article number, use the search feature to help you study.

The Chapter description is in the beginning of the book in the table of contents. The possible answers are listed according to each of these chapters. Go through each chapter and try not to type in the exact question during the exam, but type in your own personalized question in order to learn more effectively. Spending 5 minutes per question prior to test taking will make the test day less stressful. The search will process all our questions according to the following layout and will produce the closest match to your question.


Exam NEC Chapter NEC Topic
1 Chapter 1 & 2 General Wiring and Protection
2 Chapter 2 Part I Wiring and Protection
3 Chapter 2 Part II Wiring and Protection
4 Chapter 2 Part III Wiring and Protection
5 Chapter 2 Part IV Wiring and Protection
6 Chapter 3 Part I Wiring Methods and Materials
7 Chapter 3 Part II Wiring Methods and Materials
8 Chapter 4 Part I Equipment for General Use
9 Chapter 4 Part II Equipment for General Use
10 Chapter 5 Part I Special Occupancies
11 Chapter 5 & 6 Special Occupancies & Equipment
12 Chapter 6 & 7 Special Equipment & Conditions
13 Chapter 8 & 9 Communications Systems & Tables
14 Electrical Math Electrical Mathematical Problems
15 - 28 Mixed Chapters Advanced Test Takers

If you purchased the Electrical and Fire Alarm Exam Questions Test preparation classroom workbook and Package 1, you will be able to type in the exact question which will display the exact article numbers referencing the 2005, 2008, 2011and 2014  National Electrical Code Book (NEC).

Business law and Fire alarm reference sections are only given during online testing. Our online Electrical Tests 1-14 and Fire Alarm Tests 1-4 are incorporated in a workbook designed for an Electrical Journeyman Exam preparation class or a Licensed Master Electrical Exam preparation class. This Electrical and Fire Alarm Exam Questions workbook can be purchased at

Fire Exams 5-8 are mixed questions from Fire Exams 1-4

Bus Law Exams 3-4 are mixed questions from Bus Law 1-2

Electrical Exams 15-28 are mixed questions from Electrical Exams 1-14