The History Channel had an exciting series for anyone who is interested in The "Men Who Built" America.  In the third part of the mini series you will learn about how Thomas Edison and JP Morgan teamed up to become the first to introduce Electricity to the nation.  Thomas Edison who believed DC was safer than AC lost his edge when his helper Tesla who believed in AC left and teamed up with Westinghouse (an investor).  The battle over who will control the Electric market began.  Tesla and Westinghouse lit up Chicago for a third of the price that Edison and Morgan would have which later Teslas AC would have won the Niagra Falls Contract.  Edison besides creating motion pictures created the Electric Chair to prove that AC was dangerous said he would create it as long as AC is used to power thus hopefully discrediting Teslas AC saying it was dangerous which backfired on Edison and JP Morgan.  JP Morgan than bought out Edison behind his back to gain control of the company thus changing the name to General Electric.  JP Morgan later tells Westinghouse he will take them to court unless Tesla gives up AC patents and Niagra Falls Contracts to JP Morgan inorder to light up the Eastern seaboard.  Westinghouse and Tesla cannot afford the court cases and are forced to give up.  A very different time but not so different.   History shows us a very hard game in the past.