Examples 1-3 and Explanations for Electricians Work duties on your License Application

Example 1

     While working with _____________, I have been on practically a new job everyday.  I have relocated telephone lines and installed 110 blocks and 66 Blocks.  Customers moving required existing lines from one floor to another.  Electrical duties consisted of installing 2 x 2 lights as well as running 3/4" EMT to 4 11/16" boxes used for 3 way switching.  Power was also installed in Basements which tied into Low Voltage panels 120/240 volts.

Example 2

     The majority of work with ____________ has been the Electrical renovation of floors in ________.  First the jobs have consisting of shutting down power to the floor, installing temporary light and then the demolition.  While carpenters were framing I was reviewing Electrical prints, writing out a material list and calculating the required number of men or women to start the job.  BX or Armored Cable was mostlty used for lighting and Power as well as 3/4" Stub ups for telephone.  Service work in the closet required disconnects, panels and troughs in order to coordinate with lighting and power out on the floor.  Fire Alarm Systems consisted of working with galvanized pipe for Fire Alarm Panels and coordinating with HVAC system shutdown in case of fire through the use of relays.

Example 3    

     So and So Electric had a major contract with _________ for the Electrical rewiring and addition of cicuits in ___________.  Work consisted of using existing pipe in  the apartment to pull new wire and separating circuits according to the code.  Every bedroom would require a new Air Conditioning Line which required wiremold from existing outlet locations.  Bathrooms now required switches and a GFI outlet.  Had to chop out single gang cover to a double gange cover.  New Panels had to be installed in apartments through the kitchen with the use of greenfield.  If pipes were clogged I had to clear them using some trade tricks such as the use of vinegar.