Examples 1-3 and Explanations for Electricians Work duties on your License Application

Example 1

     While working with _____________, I have been on practically a new job everyday.  I have relocated telephone lines and installed 110 blocks and 66 Blocks.  Customers moving required existing lines from one floor to another.  Electrical duties consisted of installing 2 x 2 lights as well as running 3/4" EMT to 4 11/16" boxes used for 3 way switching.  Power was also installed in Basements which tied into Low Voltage panels 120/240 volts.

Example 2

Taking Electrical Exams?

Many Electrical Students ask for more help or a tutor prior to taking their test.  They seem to get nervous.  Then when I ask them How many hours a week do you study or open their NEC Code book they begin to tell me many excuses.  First find that quiet place to read or begin your studies.  For me I rather liked to study in book stores or the Library because of the many Electrical books I could reference and possible buy.  Coffee helped me fuel my need to read more Electrical Books to help me pass my Master Electrician and Fire Alarm Exam, maybe it will help you.